I know that for both game players and normal PC users, a good monitor is the key. In this way, choosing a best cheap 21.5 inch monitor takes time and efforts. Are you wondering about how to choose your favorite monitor with a reasonable price? If you don’t know how to make a decision, you’d better read this article.

When you want to choose a monitor, you’d better check its display effect, size, price, and after that, you can have a good monitor. In order to help you make a wiser choice, Ihave made some researches and comparisons for you which make help you to choose the best affordable 21.5 Inch monitor FOR PC.

No matter what you want, we will try our best to meet your demands. That’s why you should trust us and take several minutes to read our article. It won’t let you down.

Comparison chart: Best 21.5 Inch Monitor For PC

Here comes a comparison chart which will offer you some useful information. In this chart, there are several products which you can pay attention to. All the information of this chart comes from amazon, for example the reviews of users and the product introduction. After reading this chart, you can have a general idea and you can compare these products carefully in order to find your favorite 21.5 inch monitor with the highest cost performance and the best reputation. Besides, all the information from Amazon is updated every day.

Buying guide:Best 21.5 Inch Monitor For PC

Generally speaking, people who are looking for a best affordable 21.5 inch monitor want a cheap but well-performance monitor. In general, those monitors cost 100 dollars. If you just want a monitor for you daily use, a mid-range monitor costing 100 dollars is enough for you. Even though it doesn’t have advanced technology, it’s well made and the display effect performs well.

This kind of monitor is usually equipped of a full HD screen with high definition. Enough input ports, good design and good display can be guaranteed.

So, in order to select those perfect products for you, I have spent several days on this article. I look through the Amazon and find those best sellers of this kind of monitor, and make a comparison chart of different aspects for you. I also read those users reviews to find out if they are good to use. However, all the products in this article are of good reputation, sell well and perform well.

Top 3 Of Low Cost 21.5 inch monitor For PC

Acer G226HQL Bbd Full HD (1920 x 1080) 21.5-inch Widescreen Displaycheck Price

Best 21.5 Inch Monitor For PCAre you looking for an Acer monitor with high cost performance? You shouldn’t miss it. This is what I want to recommend. This monitor has the best reputation and highest cost performance according to reviews of users. Its display effect is perfect and it performs smoothly. Beautiful design and solid quality ensures that it’s durable to use.

  1. The G-Series 21.5″ LCD monitor is equipped with High-Definition with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.Besides, Rapid 5ms response time ensures immersive graphics to your games and movies.
  2. Signal Input ports: 1 X VGA&1 x DVI w/HDCP, DVI-D input with HDCPallows you to enjoy copy-protected media and digital movies

Reason to buy

  1. It has a reasonable price. If you have a tight budget, you’d better take this.
  2. 5 inch LCD screen with high definition display, enough input ports and rapid response time are those attractive points
  3. Users think highly of it. It sells well on Amazon and those who have bought it find that its color is bright and vivid. It consumes low power and it’s well designed.

Things to consider

  1. Some users find that the Custom setup of the colors/brightness is not so good to use.
  2. And the quality and the height of the stand could be better.
  3. The display is too bright at first sight but you can adjust it.

Reviews of users

The design is slim and sleek which please everyone. What’s more, the low power consumption is also an advantage. Besides, the vivid color and awesome display is quite satisfying.


With about 100 dollars, you can get this perfect monitor. Now, if you buy it on Amazon, you can get more discounts. Why don’t you go and check it?

ASUS VS228H-P Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD 21.5-Inch Monitor

check Price

Best 21.5 Inch PC Monitor This is another good product of this price level. It has a 21.5 inch LED-Lit screen with LED Back-lit with ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio 50,000,000:1. Besides, Full 1080P with HDMI ensures its good display effect. Slim and Elegant appearance may attract you. VESA Mountable design allows your easier use.

  1. Smart View Technology with Versatile viewing positions allows you enjoy the best image in any position.
  2. You can select a preferred display mode between Full and 4:3 for movie watching or true-to-life gaming without any data loss or image distortion, because of Aspect Control function

Customers’ reviews and some disadvantages

The display is awesome because colors are vivid and the screen itself is very bright. The response time is satisfying. It seems well built and it’s pretty thin. But some users find that when they’re playing games, the colors are awful and after a few months, there are some problems on displaying.


It’s more expensive than the former but if you buy it on Amazon, you can spend less money. It’s still a bargain.

Asus VE228H Full-HD LED 21.5-Inch Monitor with Integrated Speakers

check Price

Best 21.5 Inch COMPUTER Monitor If you want more choices, here is another perfect product from Asus. 22 inch TFT-LCD Panel-Panel with 1920x1080Resolution, the wide screen will ensure you perfect experience. Response 5ms is also perfect for daily use.

  1. 1W x 2 Built-in stereo speakers RMS ensures that you can enjoy perfect sound effect.
  2. ASUS Splendid Technology allows you to adjust colors and contrast in 8 one-touch presets.

Customers’ reviews and disadvantages

Excellent display and fantastic look attracts many users. What’s more, it has HDMI, DVI, VGA inputs, which are useful for everyone. But the speakers are not good as it describes. The volume of the sound is too low.


It has almost the same price compared to the former, and if you go to Amazon, you will find that you can save a lot of money.


We also have other articles which may help you to make a wiser choice, so if you are not satisfied with this article, you can read other articles in our website in order to get your favorite 21.5 inch monitor.

After reading carefully our article, you will find that I highly recommend the first product of Acer. It’s of the highest cost performance and users find it runs really well. You’d better think about it. You will like it and maybe, it’s your favorite Best Cheap 21.5 Inch  COMPUTER Monitor.

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