As we all know,monitor is an essential,enhancing new and exciting addition to any desktop computer.So If you are still using a CRT and always complain you can’t buy a better one,I will recommend the best Acer 24/27 Inch Monitor for you.This new one can make it  much easy to read news articles,play computer games browse through large amount of web pages and work in multiple can find the potable LED screens,high-quality moving images and high-bandwidth digital content protection of thees monitors on

If you want to learn more information about these monitors,you are required to check our article which cover everything about the best Acer 24/27 Inch Monitor for PC.Besides,we will offer you affordable and fast shipping options available and then you can get your perfect new monitor with just a click of the mouse on

Best Acer 24/27 Inch Monitor for PC:Top 5

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Tips on how to select a 24/27 inch monitor

Performance is key:

Every monitor has its performance for the are required to all the elements that have something to do with its performance,such as image quality,response time,input and so on.Of course,requirements of these elements depend on your needs and you should pick out a suitable one for your needs.

What size do you need

If you are search for a gaming monitor,the bigger, the better.Of course,you should take the space of your room into your considerations.if your room is small,you may need a small size of monitor to cater the style of your room.

Support and Warranties matter:

Another thing you absolutely need to take into consideration is that you should pay attention to its support and warranties.when you get problems with your monitor,its warranties can help you get refund or solve the problem for free.

Best Acer 24/27 Inch Monitor for PC under under $200

#1  Acer G246HL 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor under $120

best Monitor

Best Acer 24 Inch Monitor for PCThis monitor can fit nicely in space of any size.Its sleek design is equipped with smart use of energy,oustanding performance and eco-friendliness and you can enjoy available 16:9 HD digital content without any image distortion.It has a remarkable contrast ratio provide you with a wonderful viewing experience.besides,Its fighter pilot style and wide screen offer you an amazing multimedia experience.


  1. ·This monitor offers greater compatibility because it supports both DVI-D and VGA inputs
  2. ·Rapid 5ms response time keeps moving images sharp and reduces deviations in transition time with the purpose to deliver high-quality moving images and bring immersive graphics to your games and movies.
  3. ·long-term performance reliability
  4. ·remarkable contrast ratio
  5. ·a super-slim profile

Why you should buy:

This monitor can not only be used to get gaming, entertainment, performance, or everyday use but also serve as a nice piece furniture for your room.Moreover,Its low price determines that this monitor can be get within your budget.

Customer review

This kind of monitor’s color is very perfect,i am so satisfied with the screen that i can play games and see a video.In my opinion,the monitor is cheap and fine,the most important thing is that the monitors are useful,i am so happy with the monitor!I will highly recommend you to buy this products!

#2  Acer G276HL Gbd 27-Inch (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Monitor under $200

best Monitor

Best Acer 27 Inch Monitor for PCThis monitor is a combination of rapid response time,and High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It can bring immersive graphics to your movies and games. This Acer monitor sport a super-slim profile and can meet all your needs with its high performance.

Customer review

I think that this monitor is the best one for me because of its’ vivid ,clear,sharp,detail picture.the screen have the function of relieve fatigue so you can’t worry about your eyes.although the price is still very high,i think the good price can buy worthy things,i feel very lucky that i have a monitor.

My recommendations:

If you are totally confused by the many acer choice that you can make, I will strongly suggest  you can buy one of the two If you like playing games,you are suppose to have a high-end Monitor.just take action,you will be very happy with your selections!

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