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Advanced science and technology have permeated in all aspects of our life. People are always interested in gaming monitor.For those game players, in the hands of a good and fit monitor, there will be a multiplier effect during gaming. All kinds of gaming monitors are continuing to emerge from the market, it is really hard to choose one.

Do you have the same trouble? As a senior game player, I recommend to you the 27 inch monitor which is suitable for home using, daily office and gaming. What’s more, I have a collection with a few best affordable gaming monitor under 500 OF 2017. Today, follow me and feel the tide of 27 inch gaming monitor!

Best affordable Gaming Monitor Under $500 OF 2017

After comparisons I choose several best 27 inch gaming monitors for you. I sum up from the price, respond time, slim design, the item weight, HD, the display and so on. You’ll get some very useful information from this article.

Top 5 best affordable gaming monitor Under 500 Dollars Of 2017

Best 144Hz Gaming Monitor:BenQ ZOWIE 24″ 1080p LED Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor Reviews

Best 144Hz Gaming MonitorThis BenQ 24 inch Gaming Monitor is made for gamers. This XL2411 is an excellent testament to the belief that “gaming is in the details” Its engine technology provides an unprecedented level of visibility and control. The display also can reduce eye fatigue and provide extreme comfort for you even if you play computer games for long hours.

With its flexible display mode, you are allowed to change your monitor viewing size easily and get wonderful game experience. What’s more, this monitor can preserve vital details and bring vivid images.


  1. The Black eQualizer: This feature offers you an unprecedented level of visibility and control.
  2. ZeroFlicker Technology: This ZeroFlicker Technology effectively reduces eye fatigue and bring extreme comfort for you after long hours of play time.
  3. 1ms MONITOR: The fast response time is best for ultra smooth gaming experience and preserve vital details
  4. Others: a variety of input connector and built-in speakers.


The display is not big enough for some gamers.

What Current Owners Say

I bought this 24 inch monitor 3 months ago and have found this monitor is quite functional. I have

not noticed any defects. Its color was very wonderful and the display had no dead pixels. I was pleased with product.

Bottom line

This BenQ Gaming Monitor is well designed with The Black eQualizer, ZeroFlicker technology and 1ms response time. It will give you two modes: the RTS 2 for Dota II and the RTS 1 mode for StarCraft II. For a gamer, this is truly a nice monitor.

Best BenQ 27 Inch Gaming Monitor:BenQ RL2755HM 27-inch 1ms GTG HDMIx2 Official MLG UMG Gaming Monitor Reviews

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Best Affordable Gaming Monitor Under 500 Dollars Of 2017This king of gaming monitor is designed for giving you the most fluid and inconceivable console gaming experience. The 27-inch professional gaming monitor is the certified gaming monitor of MLG and UMG. This gaming monitor renders each motion with low input lag and no latency. It has the best visibility with some latest features, such as: dual HDMI, 1ms GTG response time, the Black equalizer as well as image quality supported by the world-leading color expertise. Therefore you can stay drastically competitive while enjoying the gaming satisfaction. What’s more, it is absolutely vital that the this monitor gives you the flexible color performance.


  • Official Gaming Monitor of MLG
  • Official Console Gaming Monitor of UMG
  • 27-inch Ultra-Fast 1ms gaming monitor
  • Low Input Lag and Dual HDMI
  • 20-Level Color Vibrancy Settings for Optimize Gaming Precision

Customer Reviews

I was hesitant about buying this monitor at first. I went to BENQ site to find an ideal monitor with a proper price. I was compared all the types and checked the reviews, finally narrowed my aim to this one and the XL2420Z. I prefer the design of the monitor and the HDMI port is available to connect with media player. So I spend out my money on RL2455HM.

Best 24 Inch Gaming Monitor: Best Cheap BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Gaming Monitor Reviews

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Best 24 Inch Gaming MonitorI have covered a lot of gaming monitors on this site and local retailer.If you are struggling to know where to start! You can totally depend on this guide that I we round up the cheap BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Gaming Monitor to help get you going. This monitor maybe not the best monitor that is suitable for you, but my goal is to help you get started.This gaming monitor is designed with useful features and sold at a big discount.This guide will give you a few ideas and you can investigate further to make sure whether it is suitable for you.


High-speed multimedia interface:The latest HDMI multimedia interface makes the monitor incredibly convenient to use.You are allowed to enjoy digital entertainment effortlessly.

The newest technology:This item is designed with the BenQ Senseye Human Vision Technology and you will be provided with the truest colors.This item is able to delivers the best viewing auality in its pre-set viewing Photo Movie, Game ,Reading, sRGB and Eco -V.

ZeroFlicker: Compared with traditional LED monitors,the ZeroFlicker technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels. Its 2ms refresh rate is best for comfortable extended viewing.


There is no DVI cord and no HDMI cord.You need to buy these cord by yourself.

What Current Owners Said This BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

Overall, I am quite pleased with this monitor. It can provide me with nice pictures and there is no missing pixels and I can see every actions clearly.For the price,I have to say it is very cheap for a gaming monitor.  

This is a perfect monitor for gaming on my Xbox one.The picture is clear and design is elegant.The most importantly is that its screen is evenly lit because of the high contrast ratio.I love this monitor! 


For game enthusiasts,this cheap 24 inch monitor is a nice chioce! This product is sold on Amazon.com and the price is often changing.You should check the price very carefully and seize the oppotunity to get the lowest price.Good luck!

BenQ ZOWIE 24″ Console eSports Gaming monitor Reviews

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1ms 24 inch Gaming Monitor

  • The NVIDIA 3D Vision 2-ready as well as the new Light Boost technology can bring you an experience entertainment like never before
  • Swivel: 45/45
  • 120Hz Refresh rate

Customer Reviews

I spend a lot of time to know which is the best console gaming. At first I was doubt about the quality, after a few days of reading the reviews on BenQ XL2720T, I finally decided to purchased it. This monitor is incredible. The headphone holder is my favorite feature which is on the back of this monitor. I like this design very much.

BenQ XL2720Z 27-inch 144Hz 1ms GTG LED-lit Gaming Monitor

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best 27 inch gaming monitor Highlight

  • The New Black equalizer for total visibility
  • Display Mode, Instant Mode
  • Smart Scaling, Height adjustable stand
  • Motion Blur Reduction crate an ultra smooth , gaming experience

Customer Reviews

Beautiful gaming monitor for the price! It has a S Switch which is very stylish. This remote controller has three preset buttons and make it possible to save the display settings for working, gaming or entertainment purposes. You’ll save $100 for buying this one. The monitor is absolutely great and the quality is top notch.

The following points which can add color to your monitor

  • Console Game Mode Colors

The great gaming monitor is meticulously developed for bring out every shade, tone and color with optimized precision and clarity. Every function of the monitor is tested by the professional gamers. The color experts can provide you the command for console gaming. This is to help you achieve peak performance.

  • The Black eQualizer

Poor visibility in the dark scenes may affect even the most skillful player’s behavior and decisions. To give you the unprecedented of control for console gaming, the monitor with the Black eQualizer color can bring you an amazing experience. This helps you to spot your enemies easily in combat and make reaction quickly in different situation.

  • Fighting Mode

Absolutely focus on characters is the key of fighting game. To optimize the players’ chance of winning, some monitor invited fighting game legend. Through the especial feature, game player’s can access different color calibration settings which help to highlight the characters in drastic combat, giving them the boost to destroy the opponents and improve the game play.

My Recommendation

Here are 3 best affordable 27 inch gaming monitors under 500 dollars for you. In the summer, you must have a lot of time to play games. If you want to buy an idea monitor which could help you avoid eye fatigues during playing games. Please spend just 10 minutes in reading this article.

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