If you are to own a desktop computer, you will need a monitor soon.Friends, are you still be messed by the large number of different monitor with diverse size, price, and brand? Here, we could get a clear idea from this information. Basically, it’s widely assumed that a wonderful 22 inch monitor, which price ranges from 100 to 200 was worthwhile.

Right now, the best overall monitor is the ViewSonic VA2246M-LED 22-Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor. Friend, you can, The best 22 Inch Monitor suitable for your inner budget is approaching if you are willing to take a minute to scan this Best Cheap 22 Inch Monitor comparison report.

Comparison chart:Best Cheap 22 Inch Monitor of 2017

If you put a flat-panel LCD monitor on your desk for computing comfort and a better productivity, or you just want to buy a CRT monitor to reinforce your games and graphics. You will find a sea of selection of LCD monitors and monitors. The brand can range from  BenQ monitors and Samsung monitors to Philips monitors, Acer monitors, Dell monitors, LG monitors and Sony monitors. It’s hard to choose.

Monitor Buying guide

Because of the monitor technology and the monitor design developing fast, it is  more important for us to catch up with the expanding trend. Due to a lot of companies like low end market, it becomes hard for people to pick out a satisfying one. However, we still could clear out some important points and concentrates on the most major parts.

Just like most of electronic devices, monitors also have a much long list of  specifications and features. So you should learn about the ground points, such as  the time you choose to shop for the monitor.

(1)    Monitor’s screen size: just choose the biggest monitor that your budget can allow so that you could comfortably fit information and breezily read text on your screen. Producers measure screen size often in inches, across the screen diagonally . Item listings will contain the bezel measurement, the overall screen size, and information of the actual screen area.

(2) Monitor resolution: Resolution can be measured in pixels per inch and in dots per inch, that is, it can just define the crispness of a image of monitor.

Top 3 Of Best Low Cost 22 Inch Monitor Of 2017

#1 ViewSonic VA2246M-LED 22-Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor, Full HD 1080p, DVI/VGA, Speakers, VESA

best Monitor

Best Cheap 22 Inch MonitorThe goods is a 22widescreen monitor, which with a glossy and LED backlight. The thin-bezel design is ideal for family or work use. The resolution is full HD 1920×1080 and the contrast ratioa is 10M:1 dynamic. Besides , the VA2246m-LED can deliver contrast and stunning brightness , and it has a quick 5ms response time,which can  ensure smooth playback and crisp pictures. The display is a complete multimedia package including a pair of speakers. Whiat’s more, the VGA and DVI inputs make it be more convenient and flexible.


  • The dynamic contrast ratio is 10M:1
  • The full 1080p LED HD is 22 ;
  • It has integrated speakers
  • The Aspect Ratio is 16:9 and it has automatic aspect ratio adjustment
  • It has the VGA and DVI inputs
  • It has TCO Certified and Energy Star
  • The mountable VESA is 100mm x 100mm

Customer reviews

Overall,this monitor is a great and performs well for the cost.

 #2 ViewSonic VX2252MH 22-Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor, Full HD 1080p, 2ms, 50M:1 DCR, Game Mode, HDMI/DVI/VGA, VESA

best Monitor

Bestlow cost 22 Inch Monitor The price of it is under 150 dollars. It has a glossy-finish display, which can offer a ultimate visual experience when you entertain and play gaming. And the Full HD of it is 22, it uses ClearMotiv II techniques, which response times are ultra-fast and can deliver 2ms when play extreme games for blur-free image. Besides, its dynamic contrast ration is ultra-high, reach to 50M:1.


  • Excellent performance, with a-Si TFT Active Matrix, 21.5 Wide Color, the 18.7 LED.
  • It has the 10.5diagonal horizontal 21.5 vertical
  • Monitor tilts will be up and down on base, and the resolution is 1920 x 10802ms

Customer reviews

Received this monitor today morning and after initially being deeply concerned and disappointed, now I have to say and admit that I love it very much.

#3 Dell P2214H IPS 22-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

best Monitor

Dell P2214H IPS 22-Inch Screen LED-Lit MonitorThe price of it is under 200 dollars. And the MEGA is sharp, when you enjoy movie, the crisp color performs well. By the way, the DVI, HDMI inputs and Integrated D-sub can provide devices, which has high-definition multimedia flexible connectivity when use play games.  And the dual 2W stereo speakers can complete the package when you use multimedia for enjoyment.


  • The full HD LED is 1080p and its ultra-fast response time is long enough .
  • Built-in 2W x 2 stereo speakers
  • it has high dynamic contrast ratio of 50M: 1

Customer reviews

It has been 5 days of using it however boy were I happy. I was so happy to sit here and use the monitor.

Any Other Picks?

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