Last week,my friend sent me a monitor as a was so nice and I appreciate it very much.i wonder how can he buy so so nice monitor.he told me that there are something you must consider before buying a monitor.and get some research done,then you will get a perfect monitor.

I think may of you are seeking for a Best Large 34 Inch Monitor For Gaming .If so take it easy,Today, What he told me, and what i have done, I will share with you.

Comparison chart:Best Large 34 Inch Monitor For Gaming

For this reason,I listed this chart which will offer you some good suggestions in selecting a 34 inch gaming monitor.These monitors that I suggest are top picks for the best gaming experience. I hope this chart will do some favour in helping you select a nice gaming monitor for your needs.

The Chart will be update frequently.please pay attention to it.

Three things you should consider when selecting a 29 inch gaming monitor.

A good monitor can bring you and excellent gaming experience.there are many elements that will influence it such as input delay,pixel pitch, response time,refresh rate and contrast ratio. But the most important thing is the hardware of a gaming monitor.many monitor have old hardware and people vary rarely upgrade and change.that sounds too terrible.So it is very important for you to make a right decision beforehand,which is why monitor selection must be overwhelming and intimidating for a consumer.

Why you should upgrade your monitor?

it’s time to upgrading if you’re still only own a CRT.there are many nice gaming monitor for you to chose .They are energy-efficient and offer you the newest ports for connecting to computer.Now, you have a good reason to buy a gaming monitor for a wide screen or more screen real estate.

What elements you should consider?

Be careful, you are looking for a gaming monitor.So the elements that do good to gaming should be considered.First,a good gaming monitor can run with very short reaction time.Next, fast refresh rate will offer you good game pleasure.of course, input delay will also influence your gaming experience.

Upgrading the hardware Regularly

Hardware is the soul of your gaming monitor.With the time goes by,there will be more and more new hardware that own better quality.there is no doubt that we should upgrading our monitor to keep pace with the times.

Top 3 Best 34 Inch Monitor For Gaming under  $800, $900 and $1000.

#1  Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor under $900.

best Monitor

best 34 inch monitorThe Dell UltraSharp 34 inch Curved Monitor enable you absorbed in a new wrap-around viewing experience and gives you a panoramic experience. Besides it offers enhanced viewing comfort and more display area.Its unrivaled usability sounds like very perfect.


  • match with the Dell AC511 Sound bar
  • peripherals for massive screen real estate.
  • connecting multiple monitors
  • swivel options and adjustable height, tilt
  • massive screen real estate.
  • Above and beyond reliable
  • multiple applications and video inputs
  • offer higher resolution

Why you should buy:

This kind of monitor has many connectivity features allow you to or multitask on-screen without interruption.Its panoramic screen that surrounds you with crystal-clear sound and amazingly detailed edge-to-edge WQHD (3440×1440) imagery.

Once you use this monitor,you will be immersed by visual experience and a revolutionary audio.It was very nice!

Customer review

I must tell you how amazing this monitor is! I really appreciated its screen because it was big enough for me to enjoy good visual experience.moreover,It is Great for programming with and it is the best monitor I’ve ever used. I love it very much!

#2  LG Electronics UM95 34UM95 34-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor under $800

best Monitor

Best Large 34 Inch Gaming MonitorThis kind of gaming monitor has UltraWide format,which can offer additional real estate to you. It can allow you watch multiple inputs at once or multitask.In addition, its transfer speeds up to 20Gps can expand computing capabilities greatly.

Customer review

.This monitor was for gaming that it were created.    You own it refer to that you own beautiful screen, less response time, true quality images and stupendous graphics.It was fantastic and I will buy another for my son.I love it!

#3 LG Electronics WQHD IPS Curved 34-Inch LED-Lit Monitor (34UC97-S) under $1000.

best Monitor

34 inch monitor It ultimate large screen give you nice game experience.In addition,The slight curve with a unique design helps create an fine viewing experience.The LG 34UC97 has all the features that you need.Its panel technology gain much popularity among kids.

Customer review

For business or pleasure,this monitor is nice monitor! It is superior to other monitors.It is the best monitor that money can buy

My recommendations:

No matter you are in need of a game monitor or a other type of monitor.These three monitor can meet your need.As the saying goes,cardiac action is not action.I am sure that you can choose  a suitable monitor from the three.

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