Now we have hundreds of different PC monitors to buy.However,although it’s glad to have so many choices, it may be different for us to know which one is right for ourselves.So I have learned so much about the best Samsung 24/27/28 inch monitors.Buying a new monitor is simple for a professor. The factors that the buyers need to consider are price,desk space,and viewing size.For example,a monitor with larger screen usually cost more and take up more space.

If you want to know how to get the best Samsung 24/27/28 inch monitors,you will take a look at my personal monitor buying guide and make sure which ideal monitor you will choose for your needs.

Best Samsung Monitor oF 2016

Through my hard work,I’ve got some research results about the best Samsung monitors.Follow my leading and read my passage carefully,you can also be professionals.There are my comparison chart as follows.

Best Samsung 24 inch monitor:Samsung Simple LED 24″ Monitor S24D300H with High Glossy Finish

best Monitor

Samsung Simple LED 24 INHC MonitorAs an unique 24 inch monitor,Samsung constantly give us surprise.The Samsung 24-Inch S24D300H can offer us advanced features.And its sleek style makes itself fit at work or at home. In addition to its wide range of adaptability,it also use fashion technology,such as the Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio,which can offer you enhanced picture quality.When you want play computer games,you will be surprised at the Game Mode,which can automatically optimize the game picture quality.

Highlights and the reasons to buy

  • It has good connectivity,which has HDMI and VGA ports.A big range of connectivity options and the great magic upscale will ensure you can get a sharp picture and breakthrough picture quality.
  • The S24D300H can offer you three energy-saving modes.So for energy efficiency,it has won the ENERGY STAR 6.0 rating.

Customer reviews

  • It is a beautiful display!It is not only consistent with the introduction,but also completely beyond my imagination.
  • You have one thing must to be ware that you maybe adjust the brightness,sharpness,and contrast.
  • If you set it up,you will likely be so pleased.I want to recommend to buyers who want a HDMI from PC to the monitor.

Price analysis

This Samsung 24 inch monitor can be a cheaper one among the most of 24 inch monitors.If you want a used one,you can then save around $30.However,if you want a new own,it just cost you less than $150.

Best Samsung 27 Inch Monitor:Samsung S27D390H 27-Inch Screen LED Monitor

best Monitor

Samsung S27D390H 27-Inch Screen LED MonitorThe 27 inch monitors are the most popular size among different kinds of people.The Samsung 27 inch S27D390H can offer you so many advanced features,with an elegant crystal blue neck. You can enjoy the great resolution.Because of this 1080p resolution,the picture quality will be enhanced by the Mega DCR.Wherever you’re sitting or standing,this monitor will ensure that you can get full visual experience with its extra-wide viewing angle.Additionally,HDMI and VGA ports can give you connectivity options.

Highlights and the reasons to buy

  • It has the 27 inch monitor’s unique features that it uses1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and PLS Technology.And it has great Game Mode that can optimize gaming performance.
  • Because it has wide viewing angle,you can sit anywhere to enjoy the picture quality.
  • It looks so beautiful,a black stand,a soft blue neck and a super narrow bezel.

Customer reviews

  • In appearance,it is as great as my old Dell monitor.Although its base and frame are a glossy plastic, the screen is matt.
  • It is better than TN display.And it is ideal for you in front of the monitor for a long time.
  • Its viewing angle is extended and excellent.Especially it has up and down view angle which is where the TN display fails.

Price analysis

The Samsung is cheaper than some other brands and its quality is a little better.So you can get a Samsung used or new.The newer one costs you a more $30.

Best Samsung 28 Inch Monitor:Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D)

best Monitor

Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED MonitorThis 28 inch monitor use UHD that is four times higher than the Full HD.This UHD monitor can deliver you stunning images.For unparalleled realism it uses a staggering pixels.It is 4K display,in this way,you will enjoy the 4K monitor which has incredible lifelike detail and makes you can feel like you’re really there.This UHD monitor can also give you the color 64 times more than the conventional monitors.It will have 1 billion colors.That means that games, movies, and other multimedia content looks detailed, extremely realistic, and natural looking.

Highlights and the reasons to buy

  • It is really a 4K display that has 3840 x 2160 resolution.It has clearer picture quality and too many colors.
  • It has sharper viewing angle with T-shaped stand which can make you watch the monitor everywhere.
  • It has very short response time just 1ms and 1 billion color support.
  • And you can get warranty for long to 12 months.

Customer reviews

  • I want to warn the early adopters.To get your rate of 60hz,you will use multiple video cards in games.
  • I will give the beautiful monitor 5 stars it deserves.The monitor has so many beautiful colors and a excellent refresh rate that gamers can take good use of.
  • I have done all kinds of researches before buying this is good enough at this price and it has been well designed.

Price analysis

This is the newest 28 inch monitor,However,now it is on discount.You can spend around $300 getting it.This price is too low among the 28 inch monitors.In general,a 27 inch monitor always costs about $400.

Technical characteristics comparison

The similarities

  • This display type is LED.These monitors provide you with excellent picture quality.This monitor produces brighter images.And it requires less power than LCD monitors.And the LED monitors usually have thinner shape and design.
  • These all come from the Samsung,and use the Samsung’s great technology which can give you great colors.

The differences and price analysis

  • The 24 and 27 inch monitors all use Full HD,its resolution is 1920 x 1080.The high definition monitors also can be used as a 1080p HDTV.For daily use, watching movies and enjoying videos,the crystal-clear picture looks so great.
  • The 28 inch monitors use 4K Ultra HD,its resolution is 3840 x 2160.They also is called 4K or UHD.Today 4K Ultra HD is good enough for anything,which is the best and clearest resolution currently available.It uses four times pixels than Full HD.


As usual,you can choose the 24 inch monitor and the 27 inch monitor according to your desktop.They both can meet your daily needs,like watching TV or videos.However,if you are a game lover and you want to get quicker response time,you can pick up the newest 28 inch monitor.

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