Nowadays,more and more people are working at a to theses office worker a high-quality monitor can make a big difference because this is the device that you should be staring for several hours a day.However,the market is flloaded with ultra-cheap monitors and super-expensive models,which makes it difficult to pick out the best monitor.

Fortunately,here is an article with our complete guide for you to pick out your favorite monitor.We will tell you how to choose important features.With this in-depth monitor buying guide,you certainly can get your favorite monitor.

Screen size

It is important that you should know what size of screen do you need.As to the size,you are required to consider the size of your room and make sure that there is enough space for your monitor.Different size of screen have different pixel resolutions and you are required to make the final decision according to your need.

Monitor resolution:

PC monitor resolution can measure the number of pixels on its screen. Large resolutions usually have a more detailed and forcused image. A resolution of more than 1024×768 is right andperfect for low-resolution videos and viewing Web pages.A resolution of larger than 1920×1080 pixels can help you watch high-definition video and play high-end video games. So,making a right choice of monitor resolution is very important.

Panel type

We can see that the CRT has been totally replaced by the LCD. Because of the LCD technology,more choices are provided and you need to decide which panel technology is right for you.

 Twisted nematic (TN)

TN panels gain their reputation for low price and short responce time.their major disadvantages are inaccurating color reproduction, narrowing viewing angles and relatively lowing brightness.

Vertical alignment (VA)

VAs have a higher maximum brightness, better viewing angles and color reproduction than TNs However,a VA panel’s tend to have a longer response time and their input lag are not faster than a TN panel’s.What’s more,a VA-based monitor’s profile seems to be incredibly wider than a TN’s.

In-plane switching (IPS)

IPS-based monitors are perhaps the most expensive monitors.They are designed with PLS and can produce accurate colors as well and provide you with the best viewing angles. What’s more,IPS monitors are almost the slowest of the bunch in both input lag. And response time.

Plane-line switching (PLS)

PLS that is new panel technology from Samsung PLS panels features wide viewing angles and can brightness at even a low energy consuption. PLS panels costs 15 percent lower than IPSpanels.

Do you want a famous brand monitor

There are many famous brands of monitors for you to choose,such as Acer,Viewsonic,Dell and LG.Before purchasing any brand of them,you’d better to make it clear what functional features this brand of monitors have.Every brand of monitors have their own advantages,you don’t need to pursue a cretain brand.

Considering your budget

The price of monitors varies from hundreds to thousands.A more expensive monitor may not be better for you. Take all your needs into considerations,you are more likely to get a right monitor with little the least money.

Considering the usage of your monitor

It is very important for you to find out what do you use your monitor to do.Different usages determine the types of the monitors you will choose.Some monitors are suitable for photo editing while others are especially designed for gaming.Once you know what you are going to use your monitor to do,you can narrow the range of selection to a great extent.

Performance is key

It crucial for you to make sure that you like the images it displays when you decide to buy.So you’better to check the monitor in person.Monitor review is also a effective way to know the performance of the monitor you are going to buy.


Your monitor is absolutely a window to your files,programs and media. Dispalys and monitors differ greatly in features and designs and offer varying functionality and picture because the different computers they connected to.This article aims to help you have a general idea of what you should care for when you buy a monitor.Hopfully this article can help you get the best monitor.

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